Rob Weiss

Engineer | Minimalist | Paramedic


The scientist describes what is; the engineer creates what never was.

Theodore von Kármán
Hi, I'm Rob, a German electrical engineer and computer scientist with wide-ranging experience in digital signal processing, machine learning and AI. Currently, I develop radar-based driving automation systems for Bosch and work part-time as a paramedic.
One may say I'm a minimalist, in the sense that I live a deliberate life and tend to devote my time and money to gathering experiences rather than accumulating stuff. Besides coding, I love the outdoors, travelling, snowboarding and bikepacking to other countries.

What I do?

I have a particular passion for discrete mathematics and coding, which has made me gravitate towards computer science in the past few years.

Machine Learning

Digital Signal Processing

Autonomous Driving

Professional Experience

Since Mar 19

Perception Engineer for Automated Driving

Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Customer-specific implementation of radar-based driving automation systems
  • Extended object tracking and road boundary estimation using high-resolution radar point clouds
  • Video sensor data fusion
  • Data reduction of radar point clouds for runtime optimisation
  • Student supervisor for a master thesis on dimension estimation of dynamic objects based on local occupancy grid maps
  • Emergency response officer

May 18 – Oct 18

Robotics Researcher

Φ-Robotics Research Lab, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Dec 15 – Jun 16

Application Engineer

Elmos Semiconductor AG
  • 3 Months at Elmos Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
  • Designed a prototype for an ambient-light independent optical aerosol detector
  • Implemented a real-time classification algorithm on the embedded device
  • Provided on-site support and training for customers

Nov 14 – Jun 15

Research Assistant

Research Centre for Information and Communications Technologies, Granada, Spain
  • Joint research project with the Department of Neurology of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
  • Human body motion analysis of patients with neurodegenerative diseases by means of inertial sensors
  • Developed a Kalman-filter based orientation algorithm to estimate the pitch angles of the lower extremities using low-cost inertial sensors


Dec 15 – Nov 18

Master of Science in Computer Science

Münster University of Applied Sciences

Oct 10 – Jun 15

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Münster University of Applied Sciences

Jan 14 – Jun 14

Exchange Semester

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Feb 12 – Sep 13

Apprenticeship as a Paramedic

Rettungsdienst Kreis Gütersloh

Aug 06 – May 08

A Level in Electronics

Carl-Miele-Berufskolleg Gütersloh

Aug 05 – Jan 09

Apprenticeship as an Electrician

Stadtwerke Gütersloh

Skills & Personal Achievements

I have worked in fields such as robotics, medical engineering, digital systems design, and autonomous driving, where I was able to gather a wide range of experience in engineering and software development.

A sound mathematical background, analytical thinking, and solid programming skills form the basis for my work. Beyond the daily office routine, I like to challenge myself personally while working part-time as a paramedic.

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